Micro Deburring Tools

Micro Deburring Tools for Holes .0400” to .0920” (1.00mm to 2.34mm)

When it comes to addressing the intricacies of small to micro hole deburring, look no further than Michigan Deburring Tool's MDC Micro Deburring Cartridge line, catering to hole diameters ranging from 0.0400” to 0.0920” (1.00mm to 2.34mm). These specialized deburring tools for small holes are available in both front and rear cutting configurations or rear cutting only, providing versatility to meet diverse application needs.

In tasks ranging from precise hand deburring to rapid CNC machining, our micro deburring tools excel, offering exceptional performance and value. The precision of these deburring tools for small holes ensures superior results even within tight confines, making them indispensable for various applications. When you need the right hole deburring tool for your application, look no further than our team to provide you with the perfect match.

Consistent Results and Greater Efficiency

Crafted with precision engineering and utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, our micro deburring tools deliver consistent and reliable outcomes with every use. The cartridge design not only facilitates swift tool replacements but also eliminates the necessity for touch-offs, streamlining your machining processes and minimizing machine downtime.

With Michigan Deburring Tool’s innovative solutions, you can achieve top-tier efficiency and precision in your micro hole deburring tasks, generating new levels of productivity and performance. Whether you’re in search of small hole deburring tools for manual applications or seeking to optimize CNC machining operations, our micro hole deburring cartridge units stand ready to enhance your capabilities.

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